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Welcome, 2024!

A year of Balance, Acceptance, Intentional, Audacity, and Delegations.

Every January, our team starts the year with a word that resonates with them - a word that will act as a guide for us throughout the year. This is a fantastic practice to bring our year into focus and look at work and personal life through the lens of that word.  


Aleece’s Word: Balance


My word for 2024 is balance.


I would love, for the third time in a row, for my word to be capacity, but I know that balance is equally important. When you're balanced, you're centred - looking after the various priorities that matter in your life. Family, work, friends, and basic human needs (food, shelter, clothing). I know when I'm off balance. That's okay sometimes but not consistently. I desire balance. I know to achieve that, there are some areas that need to be pared back or pruned, and that's the hard part. Here's to a year of pruning and prioritizing to find that elusive balance!


Kimberlee’s Word: Acceptance

I chose acceptance as my word for 2024. This word came to me after listening to a podcast that explained the complexity of truly understanding situations until personally experiencing them. We may think, "Why is that person reacting like this?" but until you have been in their shoes, you really don't know how you, too, would react. Although I consider myself a very open-minded and accepting person, this had me thinking — true acceptance goes beyond surface judgments and first impressions, especially of situations.

This year, I will look at each person's journey or each situation and really think of the best way to react and remind myself that my understanding may be incomplete because I have not had the same experience or been in the same situation. This word will be my daily reminder to stop and assess before reacting and learn to accept and adapt to the situation in front of me.


Priyanka’s Word: Audacity

Last year was all about embracing consistency, bringing in routine, and sticking to it. While in some areas, that word really shone through for me, for some other areas, however, I am still a work-in-progress. In 2024, however, I have decided to make Audacity my new best friend. It's not just going to be about taking chances and embracing leaps of faith but also about showing the courage to be unapologetically myself. When I say audacity, I don’t mean being brash or arrogant, but rather, it will be all about embracing courage, resilience, and authenticity.

With Audacity by my side, I plan to take up space with grace, navigating the year with boldness, authenticity, and a fearless spirit. Here’s to being audacious, here’s to 2024, and a year of saying “YES”!

Valeria’s Word: Intentional

“Intentional days create a life on purpose.” – Adrienne Enns

I think this word encompasses all I want to be while also providing me with a roadmap to get there. I often get into the habit of going through my days on autopilot, and with so many distractions in my day to day, I forget to press pause, admire my surroundings and remind myself why I started in the first place.

So, for 2024, I want to live an intentional life. I want to create a life on purpose and make conscious choices everyday that help me reach my goals. Inevitably, by living intentionally, I can be more present for those around me as well as more grateful for all I that have. This new year, I will be more intentional in the relationships I develop at work and at home, the media and news I consume, how I treat others, and ultimately, in paying attention to the little things in life that bring me joy.


Amy’s Word: Delegations

As defined, "delegation" is empowering to act for another, delegating responsibilities, or a group of persons chosen to represent others. In my role as Amplify's Administrative Lead (the position comes with a cape and a snazzy bodysuit), this means organizing a group of experts to appear before a municipal or regional board of directors.

In 2023, Boundary Women's Coalition and Healing Between Worlds connected with local leaders to share how their services support the community, and FESBC highlighted their numerous collaborations with provincial-wide impacts. With three new delegations to plan in 2024 and many more on the horizon, delegations is my word of the year because I am proud of the role I play in amplifying the work of diverse and influential organizations in B.C.



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