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Meet The Team: Valeria

Say hello to Valeria, our Communications Coordinator and Content Creator. With her creativity and knack for storytelling, she has become an integral part of the Amplify team, impressing us all with her abilities and can-do attitude.

Originally from the smallest country in Central America, El Salvador, Valeria made the leap to Canada for her post-secondary studies. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Communications and New Media with a minor in Marketing from Thompson Rivers University in 2023. But her interests extend far beyond textbooks. She's all about soaking up life's experiences, whether it's sampling new cuisines, hitting the trails for a hike, or hanging out with her furry companion, Pekas the Boston Terrier.

From the moment Valeria joined Amplify, she effortlessly embraced her role with a "never quit" attitude.

Valeria's passion for her role is evident from her words.

“What I find most fulfilling about my work is the opportunity to be creative with my writing and to learn from the inspiring clients we collaborate with daily. I strive to tell stories that truly make a difference and contribute to the betterment of our community.”

A typical day for Valeria at Amplify is anything but typical. She's constantly on the move, juggling a variety of tasks from managing internal communications for a client, to editing press releases, to curating engaging blog content or working on social media.

Off the clock, Valeria likes to binge-watch reality TV and experiment with new recipes in the kitchen. Oh, and she has a quirky hobby – of collecting mugs!

When asked which of Amplify’s core values resonates most with her, Valeria pointed out that while she values all of them, if she had to pinpoint one, integrity holds a special significance for her. Valeria considers herself to be inherently honest and trustworthy, and she believes that integrity forms the foundation of both personal and professional conduct. She emphasized that achieving goals becomes exceedingly difficult without trust, whether it's with clients or colleagues.

For Valeria, joining Amplify felt like finding her tribe. The support, camaraderie, and flexibility that has come with work, as well as the chance to grow personally and professionally—it's all here. And to all the recent graduates, Valeria's advice is simple: embrace the uncertainty, savour the experiences, and keep on learning.

With her creativity, incredible attitude, and dedication, Valeria is an asset, and we’re thrilled to have her on the A-team!


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