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Meet The Team: Priyanka

Meet Priyanka, a Communications and Engagement Specialist and Project Manager at Amplify Consulting Inc.

Despite her initial childhood dreams of becoming a detective fueled by countless mystery books, Priyanka switched gears and set her sights on the world of journalism. After pursuing a Masters in English Literature from India, she spent five years honing her skills as a journalist, leaving her mark on the pages of the country’s newspaper - the Times of India.

Eventually, the call of adventure led her across the globe to Boston, where she earned another Masters degree, this time in Journalism. Her expertise continued to shine as she took on the role of Editor at Lakes District News, Houston Today, and later reported at Maple Ridge News.

Today by transitioning into communications, she still finds herself doing what she loves the most —telling important stories.

What makes Priyanka’s role at Amplify truly exciting is the variety this brings.

“As a communications and engagement specialist and project manager, I wear many hats, and that's what I enjoy most about my role. Working in a boutique firm offers me the chance to delve into diverse projects, exploring new industries, and leveraging my strengths.”

From crafting press releases, proofing content, and working on website layouts to developing communication strategies, each day presents a fun challenge full of new learning opportunities for her.

Since joining Amplify in 2022, Priyanka has found a deep appreciation for our team’s commitment to the ‘human’ side of public relations, where fostering relationships both with clients and within the team is a priority.

For Priyanka, one of the most important things is to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Taking advantage of the flexibility her role offers, she is able to explore various interests, travel, and nurture her soul, which allows her to return to work feeling recharged for whatever comes her way.

For those aspiring to enter the field, Priyanka's advice is simple but profound: “Embrace the industry's dynamic nature, leverage your strengths, and prioritize building meaningful relationships. Seek a company that values not just your skills but your humanity, creating an environment where kindness permeates both, work and life.”

Away from the bustling world of communications, Priyanka unwinds through her love for painting, reading, and crafting poems and short stories. In fact, she recently fulfilled a cherished dream by publishing her own children's picture book, with plans to publish a few more this year. You can find her book here:

Priyanka is not just a professional powerhouse but a multifaceted individual whose creativity knows no bounds, playing an invaluable role in Amplify’s continued success.



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