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Feature Project:

Amplify Consulting Inc. developed a comprehensive Thriving Communities community engagement strategy to assist Community Futures Nicola Valley, Work BC, and the City of Merritt. 

The project helped create proactive solutions to labour market challenges, and was completed on time and on budget. 


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Stakeholder Engagement
Tourism Kamloops

With the pandemic, Tourism Kamloops had to shift their strategy as a destination marketing organization. The focus was less on inviting visitors to explore the community, and more on local visitation.

Looking to the future, Tourism Kamloops knew they wanted to amplify tourism and hospitality in Kamloops. Part one of the strategy was to connect with their stakeholders and members to find out what their current struggles are, what their hopes are for the future, and the role they need Tourism Kamloops to play moving forward.

The engagement work was extensive and generated a report of recommendations Tourism Kamloops cannot only trust, but move forward on strategically.


Community Engagement
WorkBC & City of Merritt

WorkBC and Community Futures Nicola Valley spearheaded a Thriving Communities project with the City of Merritt to ask strategic questions of local citizens to find out what was on the minds of local workers and business leaders.

Amplify Consulting Inc. was responsible for developing the strategy, implementing all community engagement, providing a report of recommendations, and presenting findings to Merritt citizens. All information was used to develop a labour market study to pinpoint potential gaps and uncover innovative opportunities just waiting to be realized.


Amplify coordinated both the community engagement and marketing strategy. A suite of branded projects were created including posters, reports, invitations, advertisements, PowerPoint templates, and social media graphics. 


Community Engagement
Kelson Group

Kelson Group has a big vision to develop an entire city block (and a bit) in downtown Kamloops. When looking for approvals from the City of Kamloops, it was imperative to engage the community to share details of the development, seek their feedback, and let the City of Kamloops know what had been done to engage the public, and any changes made as a result of input.

The community engagement strategy was developed by Amplify and we worked in collaboration with Kelson Group staff to seamlessly lead the project. The feedback provided Kelson Group and their partners with ideas and insight to incorporate into their project, and successfully receive their development permit.

Since then, a communications strategy has helped move the project forward , keeping the community informed, engaged, and excited! 

Stakeholder Engagement
BC Cattlemen's Association

We want to shine the light on one of our fantastic clients, BC Cattlemen’s Association (BCCA), and their commitment to engage with their stakeholders to make sure they're serving their members right and amplifying their impact!


BCCA represents approximately 72% of the provincial cattle herd. Yes, you heard it right! The Association has been the official voice of cattle ranchers throughout B.C. since 1929. For more than 80 years, the Association – whose membership is close to 1,200 – has represented the interests of cattle ranchers and producers in the province of B.C.


Last spring, the association’s General Manager on behalf of the BCCA Board approached Amplify to engage its stakeholders - an important initiative to uncover what members expect and need, enabling the organization to stay relevant and ensure their best work for their membership!


Right from the get go, the association made sure one key element of stakeholder engagement was in place – ‘listening’. During an initial round of discussions with the regional representatives led by the BCCA's executive, they realized how hard it was for some members to access online benefits or even fill out surveys due to poor internet connection. To reach all the membership, staff quickly switched gears and offered paper surveys for those in remote areas lacking web access. With great dedication and passion towards its members, plus by understanding exactly how vital this project was, the BCCA pulled through - surpassing their goal with engaged feedback from excited members. The association now has a plan in place to act on the recommendations from the engagement, and by keeping the membership well-informed, they are forging ahead towards a successful next phase.


Here's what our client had to say:

"The staff and board of the BC Cattlemen's Association are very pleased with the results of our project and the clear recommendations provided by Amplify. Meeting Aleece through this project has expanded our network of professionals who our management team can call upon for advice as our future needs require. We would welcome the opportunity to work with Amplify again and would recommend their team to other businesses." - Kevin Boon, General Manager, BC Cattlemen's Association


Let's congratulate BCCA on their successful stakeholder engagement efforts. This tricky yet essential process isn’t easy but done right it can make all the difference to your organization.


Public Relations and Communications

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Stakeholder and Community Engagement


Communications Strategy
Forest Enhancement Society of BC

Forestry is one of the province of B.C.'s most important sectors providing economic, social, and environmental benefits all British Columbians rely upon. The challenge, much of the work in forestry is often unseen because it happens in the forest and primarily away from people.

Amplify has worked in collaboration with the team at the Forest Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC) since 2018 developing their communications strategies, and assisting with implementation. This includes all public relations, development of Accomplishments Reports, videos, and delegations to Regional Districts and conventions. The communications work we do builds social licence for FESBC, showing the important work forestry professionals and their companies are doing to manage, protect, and enhance one of B.C.'s greatest natural resources. 

Watch our Climate Change Heroes Video produced in collaboration with Gravity Fair. 


Crisis Communications Strategy
Phoenix Centre

When a crisis arises within an organization or something happens to impact an organization, what is your communications game plan.

As a non-profit who cares about communicating well to their staff, their Board of Directors, and the community at all times, Amplify developed a crisis communications strategy for the Phoenix Centre. This way, if a crisis arises, they have a step by step game plan on what to do specific to their communications, helping them communicate during challenging times strategically and less on emotion. 

We believe all non profit associations and organizations would be well served to have a crisis communications strategy document ready to go in the event of a crisis situation to help you communicate well, and give you peace of mind.


Community Engagement
ARPA Investments 

ARPA's mission is to be a catalyst, developing and building innovative, creative, and beautiful spaces that bring communities and neighbourhoods to life.


Amplify assisted ARPA Investments in a number of their Community Engagement projects from the Station on Tranquille, The Colours on Spirit Square, Yew Street Food Hall, and coming up: Thompson Landing on Royal. 

Community engagement helps the developer understand any challenges neighbours or the community may have specific to a project, as well as opportunities. This engagement helps build brand reputation, address any challenges early on, and also creates a positive ground swell of support for projects because the community was invited in early to participate. 

Amplify and ARPA won a Hermes Creative Award in 2020 for a Community Fence Artwork project.

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