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Meet The Team: Amy

Meet Amy, our Administrative Lead and Grants Writer at Amplify Consulting Inc.

Born in the United States, Amy’s journey into the corporate world took an unconventional turn first through the world of fashion. After a few years in that industry, she ventured into entrepreneurship and established her own small business before starting a new chapter of her life in Canada 20 years ago.

Joining Amplify in 2022, Amy embraced her role as an Administrative Lead and Grants Writer with open arms, thoroughly enjoying the diverse array of tasks that come her way, as well as helping Amplify clients apply for grants to further help their efforts to build their organizations.

“There truly are no typical days because we work on many projects simultaneously. One day, I might book a few meetings, write a blog post, and create an audience for an email campaign, and the next day, I am at a construction site taking photos and interviewing the site supervisor, booking flights, and writing a media report.”

Within our dynamic team, Amy appreciates the constant support that defines our workplace culture and the relationships she has developed to help her enrich her professional journey.

Amy’s work ethic is built on a deep commitment to integrity, as she states, “As a core value, integrity always resonates with me because it is essential for facilitating genuine connection, and connection is the key to happiness.”

When she’s not at work, you will find Amy tackling her endless list of hobbies.

Whether it’s spending time taking photos, printmaking, sewing, or making jewelry, creativity fuels her passions. Together with her husband and children, she also finds joy in embracing the great outdoors, skiing during the winter, and enjoying sunrise paddles and exhilarating hikes during the summer.

As an integral member of our team, Amy’s constant desire to grow and dedication for every project she undertakes elevates every aspect of our work for our remarkable clients.




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