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Welcome, 2023!

A year of Capacity, Progress, Fun, Growth and Consistency for the Amplify Team

As the new year begins, our team at Amplify Consulting reflected on last year, what we accomplished and what is still to be achieved and chose a word to help us each set a goal for our work and personal lives.

Reflection helps us each take a moment to review the effectiveness of our skills or decisions. Through this reflection and then looking at where we want to go, choosing a word or a focal point helps set the tone of our journey moving forward.

We would like to share our chosen words for 2023 and encourage you to take some time to reflect on your journey and then choose a word for the year that aligns with your goals!

Aleece’s word: Capacity

This is a duplicate of 2022’s word of the year from me because although I believe I’ve made great strides in this area last year, there’s still more to do. I believe that when you have capacity, you have the room you need to make good decisions, thoughtful recommendations to clients and co-workers, and you can better plan. I find that in those instances when I have capacity in terms of time, I spend more of that time looking after myself and enjoying my family and friends. Plus, I feel a greater sense of calm and clarity which I know makes me nicer to others, and myself.

In 2023, I will continue to build capacity in my work life by learning from others who can help me stretch my thinking and build on what I know. I will rely on my team more, giving them an opportunity to grow their careers. I will build capacity personally by setting time aside for things like games nights with my family and plan activities with friends. I will also be more strategic to the things I say ‘yes’ to because I love to say yes, and instead I can give someone else the opportunity to say yes to things that often come my way.

Kimberlee’s word: Progress

Does the word progress need to be redefined in your brain? Because it does in mine.

When I think of progress, I imagine going from 0 to 10 in a flash, instant growth to personal wealth, immediate success on all projects from the get-go and so many more unrealistic scenarios. In reality, progress is a word to be taken as positively or negatively as you direct it and in 2023, I am choosing to take a hard left in my mind and spin progress to mean movement toward personal and professional improvement and betterment, even if

it’s slow and steady.

Whether my career with Amplify Consulting, my family time at home, or my beautiful friendships, I have decided to revise the word progress in my mind and develop a better relationship with it for the goal of kinder expectations of myself.

What a great opportunity I have to improve myself with the intentional progression of being able to celebrate all success in work, personal and home life, even those that are not progressing as quickly as I’d like… but let’s be real, I also want perfection, so I may need to choose a few words for 2023.

Priyanka’s word: Consistent

In 2023, I plan to be a consistent rockstar - with my work performance, passions, and hobbies. With discipline in time management and self-care, I want to show up for myself and for those around me, more consistently than ever before. Exercise routine? Check! Meal preps? Check! Reaching for that art and mindfulness practice? Double check!

Here’s to a year of more reading, learning, and showing up stronger than ever.

Andrea’s word: Fun

As a creature of habit, I am guilty of falling into a routine that is not aligned with my need for fun. The word fun is described as, ‘amusing’, ‘entertaining’ or ‘enjoyable’. I constantly focus on my endless to-do list and day-to-day responsibilities that I forget to add fun to the mix.

So, for 2023, I am committed to living each day in the most entertaining way possible, still focused on my responsibilities but making this process as enjoyable as possible.

To start, I came up with three simple steps:

  1. I won’t overthink everything in my life. I’ll trust my gut and go with what feels easy and fun!

  2. I’ll look at the bright side! I often believe that I own all the world’s problems, and that is just not true. So, for every negative ‘problem’ I’ll find three positive things to be grateful for.

  3. I’ll decrease my screen time. This one is tough since screens like T.V., computers, or phones have been part of my life since I can remember, but I will replace this need to be ‘entertained’ with the need to ‘create.’

Amy’s word: Growth

As the newest member of the Amplify Consulting team, I am learning how to support our clients and my colleagues. This “new world” is the perfect opportunity for personal and professional growth.


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