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The Power of Purpose: Olympics Style

We all have purpose, some of us just have a harder time figuring out what that purpose is because it can shift over time. Plus, there are other factors which sometimes move us away from our purpose to the “safer” bet. Think of when you were a kid and you had dreams of becoming a fire fighter, veterinarian, actress (that was me), etc… Many times, we’re drawn to the types of careers that utilize the inherent strengths we have, and ideally is something we love to do. And sometimes, those we respect or who are “wiser” can shift our perspective, and not for the better.

Recently on Twitter , Olympian Penny Oleksiak, Canada’s incredible swimming sensation who is now our country’s most decorated Olympian, tweeted:

This is where the power of purpose is critical for us to not only recognize and focus on as individuals, but also in our organizations. Thinking of your organization, what is its purpose? How do you invite others to understand that purpose and contribute to amplify your impact? How do you communicate your purpose to potential clients or colleagues who desire to work with you? Here are some ways you can get started answering these questions which will help you have the focus to win:

  1. Know that your purpose or vision is the difference you see in the world because of what your organization does.

  2. Engage your stakeholders (customers, colleagues/coworkers/community) and share your purpose. Then through their eyes, find out what they see you could be doing differently or better to achieve that vision.

  3. Finally, develop a communications strategy to help you clearly define and communicate your key messaging in the right channels to the right people at the right time.

Just like any good story, there will be drama and people who draw your focus off the purpose you believe is yours to live out. Let them help you really define your purpose, and the let them fuel you, like Penny, to go for the win.


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