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Reflecting on the Micro-Moments

I love to journal.

Now, I realize this may be surprising to people because I talk a lot, so how could there be more for me to say or share? Plenty!

I’ve journaled ever since I was a young kid, and as expected, you can trace many ups and downs throughout my life through my writing. I’ve read back and felt the expectation and stress of me as a teenage girl about to graduate from high school and the excitement of me as a woman finding out she was pregnant for the first, and then for the second, time. I’ve also read about my sorrow as a woman who lost her mother-in-law to cancer two years ago and who still feels such sadness and grief.

Two key things that stand out to me about journaling:

One: there is a sweetness about a new year and a new journal. Nothing but blank pages to fill with thoughts, hopes, dreams, lessons learned, bittersweet moments, and goals.

Two: there is a sense of accomplishment finishing a journal, looking back at a year that had its lows and its highs, contemplating what I’ve learned, what I want to improve about myself, and what goals I have for the next year.

This year, it’s been easier to reflect on this last year of micro-moments for our team at Amplify because we decided to keep track of what we did starting January 1, 2023. We tracked how many press releases, press conferences/events, communications strategies, crisis communications, stakeholder engagement projects, and more we did for our clients. I know I can get caught up in the day-to-day of our work sometimes, so looking at the outcomes achieved and the work it has taken to get there really solidifies why having a plan and doing the work to fulfill that plan is key.

As we look to a fresh new year ahead, even though we’re already planning communications for spring, we as a team look at the world of possibility ahead as a story to be written to help amplify the remarkable impact of our clients, knowing a series of micro-moments will culminate in something amazing!

Blessings from our team to you and yours!



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