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SME Business Woman of the Year 2022 Nomination

Our team is proud to announce Amplify Consulting Inc. CEO Aleece Laird was nominated for the Canadian SME Small Business Awards 2022 - Business Woman of the Year.

These business awards represent excellence and accomplishment for entrepreneurs because it recognizes and validates all the hard work entrepreneurs have put into making a successful business. The awards also represent several opportunities for businesses, including increasing their credibility to investors and customers. When an entrepreneur takes home a business award, it solidifies their reputation – enhancing trustworthiness in the eyes of others.

More specifically, the Business Woman of the Year Award is meant to recognize and award the determination and success of a woman entrepreneur. Aleece’s passion project, #AmpliFriday, was noted as a key factor in her nomination for Business Woman of the Year. AmpliFriday is an initiative she started through Amplify Consulting in 2018 and has continued ever since to shine a spotlight on remarkable people of impact and support local charities.

Aleece has mentioned, “#AmpliFriday is the most impactful initiative we have put in place since the onset of the pandemic. We were already doing this feature, but in 2020 we wanted to amplify the feature with the addition of donating $100 each week. This was not only so appreciated by non-profit associations, but we also saw others matching our donation to charities which was a pleasant surprise. We are working to expand this feature to increase the amount of money donated to charity, as well as to other parts of the country because appreciation of people and giving to non-profit organizations is how we make a difference, and that ripple effect goes beyond us!”

Join us in congratulating Aleece on her nomination for Canadian SME National Business Awards 2022, Business Woman of the Year!


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