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Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back to community through our company has always been fulfilling for our team at Amplify Consulting Inc. This can be, and has been, through our time, our expertise, or giving of our resources.

For us, we founded a project called Amplifriday where we feature a remarkable person of impact each week. We share the person's story, who they are, and why they are amplifiable and then donate $100 to a registered Canadian charity of their choice. We've done this since 2018 and added the donation component back in 2020.

What are the benefits to a company to do this kind of work.

For us it's:

  1. Culture building: when we give back, this is our way of living out our core values and shows our employees that we don't just say we care, we live it out consistently.

  2. Community building: giving back to local people and non-profit organizations makes life better for everyone, and the better our communities, the more we all thrive.

  3. Reputation building: just like our employees look to our company to see how we live out our core values, we know our clients do, too. If we can model our core values in unique ways, that builds our reputation and showcases who we are as people.

  4. People building: with Amplifriday, we love to build up people. When we get a nomination and get permission from a person to amplify them, we are making a small impact in their lives to keep going and do what they do because it matters. That is probably the most heartwarming part for me and the notes I get back from people nominated is the feel good moment I treasure.

"Giving back to community through our company has always been fulfilling for our team."

What can you do with your company to give back?

You can give your time, your expertise, or of your resources. Whatever you choose, it will give you, your team, and your clients something to feel good about, and that's just good business.

To learn more about Amplifriday and to nominate someone remarkable, visit To start something cool to give back, connect with us and let's come up with something unique to your organization.


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