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Client Spotlight: Forest Enhancement Society of BC

Today, in our #AmplifyYou series, we're excited to shine a spotlight on the Forest Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC), for their commitment to consistent communications that amplifies their project partners and the remarkable work they're doing. Our team loves to collaborate with FESBC to showcase their partnerships and highlight the impressive impact of the forest enhancement projects they fund.

Our experience working with FESBC has shown us just how dedicated and passionate foresters, researchers, and local community members are about the role of forestry and the social, economic, and environmental benefits they bring. FESBC's commitment to building strong relationships with partners and helping them build social license by sharing compelling stories about their work is exceptional.

From promoting impactful stories through their website to leading delegations to regional districts, villages, and city councils, FESBC's communications efforts are commendable.

We're proud to support such an outstanding organization and the essential work they are doing to enhance forest resilience to wildfire and climate change in British Columbia.


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