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Division = Synergy

I was listening to a radio talk show with guest Scott Moe, the 15th and current Premier of Saskatchewan. Like the radio show host, I’ve often been challenged with the division we see in our country when it comes to a “rural and urban” divide. But what Premier Moe said was profound. He was asked about his province and the division between rural and urban ‘Saskatchewanians’ and how he manages to find a balance between the competing interests of rural and urban constituents. Premier Moe said, and I’m paraphrasing:

“I try not to give any energy to the thought that there is a divide between rural and urban Saskatchewan. Instead, I look at our differences as our unique opportunity to find synergy.

Typically, in rural Saskatchewan, you’ll find food, fuel, and fertilizer, those natural resources we all need. It’s the manufacturing, innovation, and work force often found in more urban centres that then add value to the food, fuel and fertilizer to help our entire economy succeed.

If you can look at it as less of a divide and more as synergy, you’ll see the value of being different.”

I find this viewpoint refreshing because it is quite frankly easy to see the division and point it out. It takes critical thinking and giving a second thought to a scenario to find the good that takes a little more creativity and ingenuity. If you’re truly interested in making impact, look to work alongside people who perhaps think differently than you do. You’ll find those gems, both people and situations, that create synergy to make remarkable impact.


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