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Amplify Your Office + Real Estate Photography

Maybe in 2023 you have plans to freshen up your website and feature some photography/videography with your office space in the spotlight. Or, perhaps you have a development you are marketing and want to put your best foot forward. Enhance your photography or videography with a few tips from Katelyn Faulkner who is a collaborator with our team at Amplify Consulting Inc.

Katelyn shares:

Tip 1: Less is more: decluttering your space can make it feel bigger and brighter and keeps the focus on the features offered.

Tip 2: Clean: a clean space shows your office or property are well taken care of.

Tip 3: Consider the use of drone footage: a view from above adds a new perspective to showcase a property, or project, and its location.

Tip 4: Add greenery: adding plants or a bouquet of flowers gives a fresh feeling to the space. There’s a reason many hotels, spas, or reception areas have fresh greenery to add that touch of class and freshness.

Tip 5: Just add light: take advantage of all the natural light you can from windows during a photography session by opening the blinds and curtains. If your space lacks natural light, change your light bulbs to brighter bulbs in the colour range of 3000 K - 3500 K. A warmer colour light is better for cozy spaces like a living room and bedrooms while a cooler temperature light is better for productive spaces like a kitchen or office.

We invite you to take a look at some of the beautiful photography Katelyn has captured for her clients as well as clients of Amplify Consulting Inc. Spruce up your photography in 2023 with a photo session with Katelyn.


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