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Amplify Spotlight: Boundary Women’s Coalition tapping into the power of delegations

Last month, we took a deep dive into the incredible power of delegations as a key tool in your communications arsenal and how to make a successful delegation application.

As an organizational leader, harnessing this strategy can breathe new life into your mission, and here's why:

1. Personal Connection - Delegations allows you to put real faces to your cause. They can humanize your organization, making it more tangible, relatable, and memorable.

2. Effective Storytelling - Stories have the power to move mountains, and delegations are your medium. Sharing real-life experiences and journeys can create a lasting impact.

3. Local Government Relations - By presenting your cause directly to local government, you can better bridge the gap between your mission and their understanding and potentially support. It opens the door for collaboration and positive change.

Delegations play a pivotal role in shedding light on the incredible work done by organizations. One such organization is the Boundary Women’s Coalition (BWC) who our team at Amplify has had the pleasure of working with.

The impact of this approach is evident in BWC Board Member Elly Macmaster’s words. As she shares, local government and community stakeholders became more aware of all of BWC's extensive services and were not only amazed but also deeply grateful for the benefits BWC brings to community.

“BWC has served the small rural communities in our region for over 30 years supporting women affected by, or at risk of violence. However, the confidentiality and privacy necessary to provide a safe space for women to heal and thrive means this work largely happens in the background, and much of the work by our support staff and the board and volunteers supporting their efforts remains unknown to the public.

This year, when we redesigned our website to give a more intuitive experience to those visiting our website seeking help or wanting to help, we decided to shine some light on the organization by taking delegations to local governments. The benefits of these presentations were invaluable.

We were able to convey our message more comprehensively than we could have through fundraising events alone because the aim was to educate, inspire, and collaborate versus raising funds. We were able to forge a connection between the women we serve and their communities with community leaders and stakeholders specifically, and explain why having access to safe spaces matters to their constituents. The positive publicity from these delegations also brought invitations from service groups wanting to learn more about BWC, and how they too could support our mission.

The most common response we received from leaders and stakeholders was that they had no idea of the extent of the services BWC provides. The second was deep gratitude for the benefits to their communities, and a better understanding and renewed commitment to working together for our shared goal of safe, thriving communities.”

We encourage you, look into delegation opportunities in your local community. The understanding you bring and the collaborative opportunities ahead are worth it!


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