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Amplify 2021

If you had to summarize 2020 in three words, I’m pretty confident the first three words you would think of would not be

1) Remarkable

2) Inspirational

3) Amplifiable

This year has been tough, one that ushered in a global pandemic, saw economies around the world tumble, and we witnessed the panic that ensues in the midst of scarcity … think back to the lack of toilet paper, sanitizer, and other items on grocery store shelves earlier in the year. We have witnessed some of the bad parts of our humanity, but amid the darkness and turmoil, there are those among us who are selfless, generous, and bold. These aren’t celebrities, but regular people just like you and I and that’s the best part about it. Looking back at the 44 individuals we amplified in 2020, we are once again buoyed by their spirit, their confidence, and their remarkable impact.

We’ve amplified political leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, teachers, youth, and mentors. Sadly, two of the individuals we amplified on #Amplifriday passed away in 2020: Kole Schmidt (my cousin) and Katherine McParland. While friends, families, and their communities still grieve their loss, it brings me back to one of the reasons I started Amplifriday in the first place 2 years ago. So often people have wonderful things to say about others in our eulogies. What if, instead, we took the time now while they are here to tell them what we appreciate about them. The impact of that simple act will be far more personable and incredible.

In 2021, we look forward to featuring remarkable people of impact and will be inviting you to also play a role to nominate individuals you believe need to be amplified. Plus, for the month of January, we are trying out something new and will be donating $100 each week to the charity of choice of the person we amplify. Through this, we hope to share more about those charities and why our amplified individual chose them.

We all are capable of remarkable impact and that ripple effect has the ability to go on and on and on. But it must start somewhere. Let part of that start right here with us at Amplify Consulting. Happy #Amplifriday and blessings for 2021 and beyond!


If you’d like to nominate someone remarkable, email the following to

  1. Your name

  2. The name of the person you’d like to nominate

  3. A few reasons why they should be amplified (career highlights, community involvement, how they impact the world)

We’ll connect back with you on next steps!


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