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2022 Amplifriday Wrap Up

There’s something exciting about doing a year in review wrap up, and this year’s wrap up of #AmpliFriday was very exciting. As I put together the graphic with all of the photos of the remarkable people of impact we’ve amplified in 2022, two things stood out to me:

1. The diversity of this group of remarkable people.

2. And that because of the diversity of these remarkable people, we collectively create exceptional communities.

Looking back, we did 47 AmpliFriday features of a combined 60 people. Some of these people have endured challenging times and have shown incredible resiliency to press on. Others have pursued their passions, and in doing so, have made life better for their fellow humans. Others lead non-profit organizations, impacting entire communities through their leadership, heart, and endurance. We featured small business owners and entrepreneurs who not only employ local people but give back through their businesses. We also were so honoured to amplify some incredible young people who, through their spirit of curiosity and generosity, are changing the world.

On top of that, our commitment to donate $100 for each featured person saw us donate $4,800 this year to many charities of our amplified people’s choice to further amplify the impact of these non-profits. Kamloops SPCA, A Way Home Kamloops, Kamloops Hospice, Developing World Connections, RIH Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, United Way BC, KidSport, Vela Canada, Kamloops Food Bank, Kamloops Brain Injury Society, to name a few. Part of the joy of AmpliFriday is to turn the spotlight on the many non-profit organizations in our communities who do incredible work 365 days a year.

So, what’s happening for 2023 with Amplifriday?

You will see a new look and a website, plus new social media channels. Although this feature is the passion project of Amplify Consulting Inc., my dream is to make this feature something that our community can be more involved in.

Amplify will continue to manage #AmpliFriday and make our $100 contributions, but by the end of 2023, we want to expand so that others come on board to, well, amplify Amplifriday. Could you imagine that instead of giving away $100 each week by ourselves, that collectively we can donate $1000 each week? I can!

It's clear to me through messages of encouragement that this feature has impact. Thank you to those who have reached out to provide me with encouragement I have needed to keep doing this. We’ve also received thank you cards, matching donations to charities, and the most beautiful notes from people who were amplified, sharing that being featured has been a reminder that even during a challenging time, they are making an impact, are indeed noticed and appreciated, and that has encouraged them to keep going.

If you’re interested in supporting AmpliFriday, let’s figure out how to make that happen! Message me at Onward to 2023!




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