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The Nominators, The Mentor + The Capacity Builder

2021 City of Kamloops Exemplary Service Awards. Photo Credit: Olsen Photography

Recently, I was honoured with an award from the City of Kamloops for Exemplary Service. Although my volleyball teammates joked with me at our next game that they were going to take away my award for my abysmal service, but that was on the court and a whole different scenario.

Winning this award was such an honour, especially because I know there are so many people involved to make something special like this happen. In essence, it takes a village, and it’s a village full of people I am grateful for and want to recognize.

First, to the Nominators.

I have learned that my colleague Kimberlee was very much behind this nomination, encouraging people I admire and respect to take time out of their schedules to write many kind and thoughtful words. Leo Baggio, General Manager of the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group in Kamloops, was one of these nominators. I’ve known Leo for years and I’ve always admired his positive attitude, his love for his community and family, and the way he is so intentional about lifting others up so they can shine. He’s a real gem! Then there’s Anna Harrison, incredible local business owner and community champion who I’ve always admired for how she’s taken on the business world, decades ago, when being a woman in business was certainly even more challenging than it may be today. She’s a force. For these two individuals to put forward my nomination, I am so appreciative.

Then, to the Mentor.

My Dad is a huge force in my life. Not only is he a looming presence at 6’ 6” tall, but as a former RCMP officer and immigrant to our beautiful country of Canada from the Netherlands, he’s always had a heart for justice, equity, freedom and giving. As a young child, I’d watch him volunteer in the communities we were stationed in, using his talents and gifts to better those around him, and in turn learning from them, too. As an officer, he was firm and commanding but always fair and sought to help people reach their potential, no matter what life threw their way and why they had Corporal Mike Dopp at their door. This strong and steady example in my life fueled my desire to give back and give more of myself without expecting anything in return. I was so honoured to include my Dad as one of my two guests to attend the awards evening. I strive to make him proud and his opinion of me is one of the few in this world that matters most to me.

Last, but certainly not least, the Capacity Builder.

A few years ago, when I sold my first company and before I started Amplify Consulting, I had a conversation with my husband saying I’ve had so much opportunity to take time away from our family to be on the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce Board, volunteer for other organizations, and give back. “Maybe this is your time and I’ll support you?” I said to him, to which he replied, “I love to watch what you do and how far you’ll fly. The boys and I are here to support whatever it is you want to do!” That selfless love has been the backstop for me for decades and the reason I can volunteer, lead, and give back like I do. If I didn’t have the support of Jeff, and also my two boys, there is no way I could do what I do. Plus, everything I volunteer myself for, I have three instant volunteers to help out! My teenagers have logged countless hours, but this in turn is hopefully teaching them to give. The people who fill our many gaps and help to keep our buckets of enthusiasm and energy full cannot be thanked enough, so thank you Jeff for your incredible support, and to Mac and Cal for their “go, Mommy go!” encouragement.

I am blessed to live in this incredible community of Kamloops where I’ve represented our city as a Kamloops Ambassador, attended University, landed my first big job after post-secondary school, started two businesses, raised my children, and to this day, value as home base. I believe it is my duty, and my privilege, to give back and encourage you to join me in giving back where you live, in whatever capacity you can.


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