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Client Spotlight: The Mustard Seed

We're so pleased by the remarkable stakeholder engagement work by The Mustard Seed. Today, in our #AmplifyYou series, we want to spotlight the great team at The Mustard Seed and their recent community engagement work.

The Mustard Seed has been operating in Kamloops for over 30 years, providing basic services, shelter, and personal care with programming and services for people at risk, or experiencing homelessness.

This year, they were provided an opportunity to open an Extreme Weather Shelter, in collaboration with BC Housing at Kamloops Alliance Church. This is an important undertaking and they wanted to understand the potential concerns of the community before opening the shelter so they could take action to mitigate any concerns. And so, the team decided to undertake a stakeholder engagement project to engage the community through – open houses, online and paper surveys and door to door community outreach to residents and businesses.

The communications efforts were not only praised by the Kamloops community but were also praised by the members of the Kamloops City Council during a presentation by The Mustard Seed. In fact, CFJC Today’s Armchair Mayor Mel Rothenburger called this a ‘lesson on communications and consultation’ – high praise, coming from Rothenburger. Watch why Rothenburger believes that the Mustard Seed’s approach to shelter is a lesson on consultation:

Engaging with stakeholders can be a challenge but it is a critical aspect to bring the voice of many different people to the decision making table. The Mustard Seed’s goal was to better serve the community, and they were committed to taking the time to listen and engage stakeholders. We were thrilled to lead The Mustard Seed in this project and look forward to sharing the results of the temporary shelter's impact this spring.


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