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Meet the team: Aleece, the towering presence and heart of Amplify

"Wow! You are so tall!"

That's often the first reaction people have when they meet Aleece Laird. But her height isn't the only thing that leaves a lasting impression; her enterprising spirit, generosity, and holistic approach to life and business truly define her. If Aleece's life were a movie, it would feature an exhilarating mix of competitive sports, influential speaking engagements, strategic meetings, and ample family time, all mixed with moments of calm (read: ripping out weeds aggressively) in her garden or walks with her dog, Bosley.

Aleece founded Amplify Consulting Inc. in 2017, driven by a vision to enhance organizational impact through effective stakeholder engagement and clear communication. “When you’re passionate about helping others, and they see results, it’s a joy to come to work every day,” says Aleece.

A typical day in this fast-paced woman's life is dynamic and filled right from the moment she wakes at 5 a.m. She cherishes her morning routine of reading, writing, and walking Bosley. Workdays are packed with client meetings and team interactions, yet she always makes time for a family lunch or a breath of fresh air. Post-work, Aleece is either competing on the soccer pitch, volleyball court, or slo-pitch field, or engaging in community service, showing her commitment to an active and impactful life.

While leading Amplify, Aleece thrives on the strong sense of camaraderie and her team's achievements.

“I love the diversity of skill sets and interests of our team and how everyone’s instinct is to pull together to support one another. And I love watching the team create relationships with clients and do great work,” says Aleece, adding, “The team that we’ve been able to assemble is filled with incredible people who are driven, passionate, and live out their amazing core values through their work and life.”

On the note of core values, Amplify’s core values—common sense, integrity, creativity, and flexibility—directly reflect Aleece’s personal philosophy. These values are not just business guidelines but integral to how she leads her life and manages her business, particularly in adapting to client needs and crises.

“Common sense is what other business owners appreciate – they don’t want to do wild and crazy things when it comes to communications. Integrity is critical because if you don’t operate with integrity, you will do things that will get you into a lot of trouble, and you’ll have a hard time looking at yourself in the mirror. Creativity is key because that inspires our team and clients alike – we don’t just copy/paste. Flexibility is also critical because our clients are busy people, and they require us to be flexible in nature to adapt to their schedules and work lives. Plus, when we do crisis communications, you can’t ever predict a crisis, and you need to be available to help your clients, which we love to do,” Aleece explains.

Since founding Amplify, Aleece has realized the critical importance of core values in shaping a company's culture and operational approach. This insight has strengthened her leadership, becoming the foundation of how she operates, what projects and people Amplify partners with, and who she hires onto the team.

When not working, Aleece is still active—either through her volunteer work, gardening, enjoying her family, or playing sports.

Aleece’s leadership at Amplify is defined by her commitment to growth, a constant devotion to core values, and an unwavering dedication to her team and clients.

“We are blessed to work with so many incredible clients who trust us with their communications and engagement to build their reputation. It’s an honour and a role we take seriously!” concludes Aleece.

To learn more about how Amplify can help your organization achieve its goals through strategic communication and engagement, visit our website or contact us today. Join us in creating impactful change and see firsthand the difference that passion and expertise can make. Let's amplify your success together!


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