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Clarity in Purpose

People who have passion inspire me.

But it’s not just people with a “kaboom” of passion which then quickly fizzles out. It’s that enduring and constant passion for greater things, pushing oneself further consistently that inspires me. So when I was asked to be interviewed on the Passion for Impact Podcast with host Trisha Miltimore, it was an easy YES! Trisha is a woman of passion – intentional passion – that is enduring and lifts others up around her.

In the podcast, we have a fun chat about being brave and engaging, talking about seasons in life, and mentorship. This was Episode 21 and after you listen to our discussion, listen to some of the other interviews which are fun, full of purpose, and will motivate you to do more with your life and the gifts you have been given! Listen here:

Visit for all more episodes and Impact Leadership Resources.


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