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Amplify Book Club

Our team at Amplify Consulting Inc. is embarking on an exciting new venture - our very own Book Club. For the first book of the year, we chose ‘A Minute to Think’ by Juliet Funt.

In this book, Funt has created a powerful and inspirational guide that is meant to help individuals like us with busy workloads regain control of our day and, in the midst of it, find a minute to think and make room for what truly matters.

As we begin our journey to reclaim our own creativity and conquer busyness, Valeria from our team shares her expectations.

At the top of her list, Valeria hopes to develop better time management skills, striving to achieve a balance that fosters productivity while alleviating the burdens of stress.

“By mastering the art of embracing moments of silence, I want to fill up empty spaces throughout my day with activities that nourish my well-being and ultimately fuel my creativity,” she said.

In addition, Valeria is eager to cultivate a consistent reading habit, recognizing the immense value of ongoing personal development. Through the exchange of experiences and insights within our team, she anticipates an exciting opportunity for growth.

“By leveraging each other’s unique perspectives and skills, we can elevate not only our individual capacities but also our collective efficacy in serving our clients,” she added.

As we embark on this literary expedition together, we are excited to explore new avenues of professional and personal growth, navigating the complexities of our dynamic world with enhanced clarity and purpose.

Stay updated as our team continues to share some key takeaways throughout our reading journey.


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