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Amplify's Team Building Day

At Amplify Consulting Inc., we recognize the importance of building strong relationships not just with our clients but also among our team members especially considering we all work remotely. This is why our team building days hold a special place in our calendars – it is a time to bond, connect, and reflect together beyond a screen, text message, or phone call.

Nothing sets the stage for a day of team activities like a hearty breakfast together. And while we work together daily, albeit in a remote environment, the face-to-face setting revealed just how much we still have to learn about each other.  

Amplify has four core values that guide our work – Integrity, Flexibility, Creativity and Common Sense. For the team building day, it was important to discuss these values, what these values mean to each of us personally and how we can better live them out in our daily work, projects, and client interactions. This is part of our silent commitment to keep learning and growing continuously.

During this time together, we also addressed common snags and bottlenecks that hinder our efficiency. Through constructive dialogue and brainstorming sessions, our team came up with creative solutions to mitigate these obstacles, ensuring smoother workflows and enhanced collaboration moving forward.

The day also provided a platform to celebrate our proudest accomplishments over the past year. From successful press events to multiple client awards, each milestone reinforced the impact that communications and stakeholder engagement can have in our communities and beyond!

But what’s a day of strategy and team building without some fun? We capped off our strategic session with our team unleashing its creativity at the Kamloops Art Party. As communications professionals, we're used to painting pictures with words, but this time we got literal with our canvases and resin artwork! It’s safe to say we might just add ‘artist’ to our team’s roster. Of course, we'll keep our day jobs for the clients’ sake—but hey, it’s nice to know we have a backup career in the arts.

Without a doubt, this day of team-building was one for the books! Coming together not only sparked new ideas but also strengthened the bonds between our team.

By taking ‘a minute to think’ – as we keep learning through our Amplify Book Club – this day allowed us to press pause in our day, reflect, and as a result, think more strategically, be more thoughtful with our work, and become inspired with creative ideas. We now feel energized and excited to keep amplifying the remarkable impact of our clients and helping them fulfill their goals!



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