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Implementing a four-day work week

In the ever-changing world of business, last-minute or unexpected events happen all the time. With our clients’ busy schedules, adapting to diverse situations is essential to help amplify their impact. As such, we believe we must approach work with an open mind, knowing that constant change surrounds not only our work life but our personal lives. This is what flexibility is all about and why it is a core value at Amplify Consulting Inc.

For us, being flexible means more than just rolling with the punches. It entails reshaping our schedules to handle workloads efficiently, prioritize tasks, and maintain constant communication with colleagues and clients.

This flexibility was part of the reason we moved to implement a four-day work week, alternating every other week - a change that has been met with enthusiasm from our team members.

Amplify’s Project Manager, Kimberlee explains that having a four-day work week has opened opportunities for appointments and activities that she would have otherwise been unavailable to make except for on weekends. This has not only increased her productivity but her overall job satisfaction, benefiting both our clients and our team.

“It's enabled me to try different gym classes, spend quality time with my kids right after school, and really soak in an extra, much-appreciated day to extend the weekend!” said Kimberlee. “Plus, I recently completed a Project Management course, and the four-day work week allowed me to make the course my focus without affecting my work schedule.”

For Priyanka, our Communications and Engagement Specialist and Project Manager, switching to an alternate four-day work week has also been a true game-changer. She has used the extra day not only to get chores completed but to genuinely unwind and dive into her personal projects, as well as taking advantage of long weekends to show her visiting parents the beauty of British Columbia.

“This shift really reflects how much our company cares about making sure we all have time to recharge. There’s more than one way to stay productive and keep employees motivated,” expressed Priyanka. “Amplify embraces this alternative approach, staying true to its core values of flexibility and common sense, not just in the work we do for our clients but also in the way employees are treated. It feels like we’re not just working hard; we’re working smart, taking care of ourselves and our clients in the best way possible.”

As Amplify’s newest member and Communications Coordinator, Valeria has also appreciated having an extra day of the week to recharge and prioritize her well-being. This has allowed her to stay on top of her personal commitments, reach out to friends and family on different time zones, and go on spontaneous adventures around town.

“By staying on top of my deadlines and maintaining clear communication with both our clients and my colleagues, I have been able to effectively manage my workload within the shortened work week, which allows me to go into the weekend with enough time to unwind and disconnect from work,” she explained.

For companies contemplating a shift to a four-day week, Amplify’s CEO, Aleece, offers some insights to facilitate a smooth transition.

“I thought it might be a big challenge for our company, considering the work we do in communications to ensure we are available, especially if there’s a crisis we need to assist with,” Aleece shared. “Being strategic and having team members alternate their Friday off means that we still have the capacity to get the work done that we need to do in a timely way and respond to our clients, while also ensuring our team members can recharge. I don’t think we’ve missed a deadline yet and the rest gives everyone a chance to come back with creative ideas to ultimately help our clients succeed. Win, win, win! If you’re a business owner contemplating this shift, engage your team. Let them know you’re interested in making this happen, and like we did, let them help you figure out how it can work.”




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