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I Fired Myself. You Should too.

Well, this is awkward.

I fired myself at the end of 2021 this year, but not to worry, I have now gone through a process and have rehired myself so we are full steam ahead for 2022. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with celebrating work anniversaries and longevity at a company, but if you are just putting in time, you are not making the remarkable impact you are capable of.

I heard about this idea about firing yourself on a podcast and I really thought it was phenomenal. The idea is that you fire yourself from your current role in the company, and then you apply for the position, BUT only if you really want it and believe you are the best candidate for the job. Here are the steps I took to consider if my role in Amplify Consulting Inc. was best suited to me (and as an employee or contractor, you can do the same):

Does the mission of the company still excite me? The mission of Amplify is to help our clients define their purpose and clarify their messaging to amplify their impact. We work with leaders, those who make a remarkable impact within their industry or sector for the benefit of their team, their communities, and ideally the world at a larger scale. That mission still excites me.

Do the values of the company still ring true for me? Our values are integrity (#1), flexibility (you need us, we are there), creativity (no cookie cutter solutions here), and common sense (if it doesn’t make sense, we are not recommending it). These values not only ring true for who I am as a person, but the company truly operates by these values which is important to me. It’s not lip service but lived, and I’m on board.

Am I the best person for my role? This is the true soul-searching question. I have to say that I truly believe I am the best candidate for my role in Amplify, but some changes will be made because I need to do a few things better:

  • Build capacity: I need to give myself time to strategize and plan, plus keep up on my relationships.

  • Delegate my weaknesses: if I’m not good at it, find someone to join our team who is.

  • Give others a chance to grow and shine: I love watching others grow and if they can take on some of what I do, that builds my capacity and the benefits that come along with that.

So, while I’m newly hired back to Amplify, I am going to make some changes specific to these three areas this year.

Do I feel energized or exhausted? COVID has been exhausting all around, but when I look at what we do at Amplify, and my role specifically, I can honestly say I am energized by my work, the remarkable impact we are able to make, and the relationships with clients. If I were exhausted, it may have been time to switch roles or do something different altogether.

As we lean in to a new year, maybe don’t give your notice out loud to your employer, or to your staff team if you are the leader, but do yourself a favour and fire yourself. Give yourself a chance to really think about what it is you are doing, the impact you want to make, and if you are the right person for the role. If you are hired back, this process will give you purpose for the new year and help drive you for the next 365 days until you fire yourself again.


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