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Flexibility: Our Key Mindset and Core Value

By: Andrea Jacome, Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Coordinator with Amplify

Fun fact: what is the most flexible animal in the world? Drum roll, please… Octopuses! Each of their eight limbs can bend, twist, elongate and shorten to produce multiple movements depending on the octopus’ needs.

An octopus uses its flexibility as one of their biggest strengths to survive in the wild. These creatures are highly adaptable as they can camouflage themselves, squeeze into small crevices to escape predators, or even voluntarily lose a limb as it can re-grow.

In the world of business, our team at Amplify believes flexibility is an important skill to possess, which is why it is one of our four core values. In the last couple of years, we’ve witnessed how quickly plans and work culture can change. We’ve experienced how the pandemic has brought change in our personal lives, work environments, our neighbourhoods, and its ripple effect worldwide.

We can’t predict when change will happen. As Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, said, "change is the only constant in life." When you're flexible, you can better adapt to unexpected situations where you can help stabilize crises, keep objectives achievable and within reach, and go the extra mile to support colleagues who need advice or help. That's why flexibility is so important.

Perhaps contrary to popular belief, flexibility starts as a mindset rather than how we manage our daily calendars. Being flexible does not mean that we have to push ourselves to the limits of our capacity. To me, flexibility involves having an open, team-centred attitude to quickly and calmly deal with tasks effectively.

As one of our core values at Amplify, flexibility is implemented in our daily practices, communications, projects, and most important, how we collaborate with our clients. Last-minute, unexpected events happen all the time! Our course of action and how we collaborate is not a rigid model because our strategies are flexible throughout the entire development of a project as we adapt to new information and the constant change around us. It’s what builds better relationships with our colleagues and clients.

We also approach diverse stakeholder groups with an open and team-centred attitude as we help our clients define, or redefine, their purpose to better communicate and connect with different audiences. Just like the octopus, our communication strategies must bend, twist, elongate or shorten to deliver the right message. Flexibility is part of how we amplify our clients’ impact, where objectives are met in an environment of constant change.

About Andrea: Hi! My name is Andrea. Nice to meet you! Originally from Mexico, I moved to Kamloops a few years back and fell in love with the beautiful province of British Columbia. I have a Bachelor in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing and Project Management degree from Thompson Rivers University.

I use my analytical, creative, and diplomatic skills to help clients amplify their impact by delivering the right message to the right audience across digital platforms. I believe that a great message can be amplified with a great visual, as I am passionate about further elevating our clients' online presence with unique on-brand marketing materials.


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