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Client Spotlight: Canadian Forest Industries Magazine highlights FESBC partnership with CCR

We are excited to shine today's Amplify spotlight on two of our clients, the Forest Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC) and Central Chilcotin Rehabilitation Ltd. (CCR), who have been featured in an engaging article in Canadian Forest Industries Magazine, Canada's trusted national logging and solid wood products magazine since 1881.

This is an inspiring write-up penned by FESBC's Executive Director, Steve Kozuki, exploring FESBC's Indigenous partnerships and highlighting the importance of giving a voice to the Indigenous communities in forest management.

The article beautifully captures how FESBC actively engages with Indigenous communities, valuing their input and involvement in every step of the project journey. By incorporating traditional knowledge, cultural practices, and land stewardship approaches, FESBC ensures that forest management initiatives resonate with the rich heritage and wisdom of Indigenous peoples.

The article also delves into the groundbreaking initiative undertaken by CCR, in the form of their drone seeding project. This Indigenous-led business has been setting a new standard for what's possible in the world of forestry. The collaboration between FESBC and CCR is a testament to the power of Indigenous partnerships and the potential for transformative change.


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