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#Amplifriday: Class of 2021

When writing this post, I am reminded that sometimes it’s not the big things we do in life that have the most impact, it’s those smaller, more incremental things we do consistently that net the biggest impact. It’s kind of like the simple act of smiling at someone. That one small action can many times change the day of the other person, who in turn treats someone else with kindness, who treats another with kindness, and so on.

Our company, Amplify Consulting Inc., works to amplify the impact of organizations and #Amplifriday is our passion project to amplify remarkable people of impact.

Back at the start of 2021, we wanted to see how we could amplify #Amplifriday and thus started donating $100 each week on behalf of the person we amplified that week to further extend their remarkable impact. Not only has this been received well by the people who get to choose where we make a donation on their behalf, but it has helped to amplify the impact of so many non-profit organizations. A number of non-profit organizations have reached out and said that not only was the financial support appreciated, but they were thrilled to have the exposure so that others knew of the work they were trying to do. It’s that ripple effect we are looking to achieve, and we have some pretty exciting ideas on how to do that in 2022.

And a bonus we didn’t see coming? People we amplified, and in some cases friends and colleagues of that person, decided to match our donation. Amplify Consulting donated $5200 this year to non-profit organizations and a further $950 was donated by others in support. That was one of the best surprises of all.

As we look through the Amplifriday Class of 2021, there are so many incredible people who, through their small and intentional actions, create remarkable impact in our communities. It’s not about the position they hold or their celebrity status, it is about the work they do, often behind the scenes, that helps to create positive momentum and change. We’ve amplified a dance instructor who has been pivotal in working with young people for decades to help set the positive trajectory of their lives for the better. An Olympian and Paralympian who not only represented our country of Canada with class but work in their communities to inspire the next generation. Indigenous leaders who share their message of truth and hope to bring unity. A police detective who has redirected the lives of many youth through sport to better outcomes. We’ve also lost two of the people we amplified this year and we see the blessing of having the opportunity to let them know, while they were living, how much they meant to us. A true gift!

We are already rolling into 2022 and can’t wait to see what the future holds for #Amplifriday. We will continue our commitment of donating $100 each week too. If you’d like to nominate someone remarkable who has made impact in your life, email and share their name and why you believe they should be featured.

Make 2022 a year where you make remarkable impact through small and intentional acts of goodness.


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